Thursday, May 7, 2015

Geomorphs - Caverns #3

This one is an homage and a pure copy of the format from Dyson Logos for his 'dungeon in twelve parts'.

It gives you full size, half size, and full size tiles, and the ability to mix and match the layout a little more. I think I will do a few more quarter and half size geomorphs so I can tie them all together.

Grid and no Grid. Permission given for non commercial use. Enjoy.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Geomorph - Caverns #2

Here is the standard 6 tile geomorph set. Its Cave set #2. Trying to cover the basics for different and corridors and shapes. Grid and no grid. I have set #3 coming next. That will give me a good start on the caverns. Permission is given for use for non commercial purposes. Enjoy.

Friday, May 1, 2015

My first Geomorphs

Well, I figured if i was gonna do this mapping thing I had to try my hand at some geomorphs. Here is my first attempt at them. It was very fun. I have 6 more cavern geomorphs in the works. As I plan to do, here is one with blue grid, and one without grid. And as usual, you may use these for your own personal use, but not for commercial uses.

Very little finish was done to these in Photoshop. I finally found the paper/notebook I liked and a set of pens as well. The notebook is a 7x9 perfect bound 190 sheet notebook I got on Amazon. The pens are Micron 01 through 05.  Enjoy.