Wednesday, April 15, 2015

First Post!

Since my introduction into D&D in 1981-82 (Moldvay Red Box Basic), reading my copy of the rules under my blankets past bed time with a flashlight, I have been obsessed with the mapping and cartography end of the hobby. I simply understood them. Instinctually I got them. It helped guide me to drafting, design, architecture and landscape architectural school and a career in design.

I have sketched a hundred dungeons, 1000's in my mind. Most never finished, but all based upon a seed of a thought or an experience. 

When I rediscovered the Old School Renaissance of Old Skool Gaming in the early 2000's I found a few beacons of light to help guide me back on track. some are still burning bright, some have burned out, some have simply moved on but left their works for all to enjoy. You'll find those on the sidebar.

One in particular, Dyson's Dodecahedron is a bright aurora in the night sky, and his mapping work is really the great inspiration for this site. It has mobilized me to take the small moments and create gaming mapping and publish it here. I will follow his geomorph format, as well as explore larger maps and adventure locations both inside and out.

So that's it. The format of this will stay simple. The content is what's important. I will post as much as I can.I will post others maps as inspiration(if they let me) and I will post some classics for inspiration and nostalgia.  Enjoy. And as a first post who doesn't know this map. In classic blue. I present B2 - The Keep on the Borderlands.


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